What is Sunshine Drama?

Sunshine Drama offers Creative Drama classes from preschool through to intermediate aged children.

Through a range of activities, challenges and games, classes enable students to:

  • Unlock their imaginations and creativity
  • Speak effectively and expressively
  • Think spontaneously outside the square
  • Let their confidence soar to new heights
  • Develop social skills that cross into all areas of life

If you wish to learn more about classes, read our curriculum.

Enrollments for Term One 2017 are now open!

Saturday Morning  Class Bookings are open for Term One 2017!

Sunshine Drama offers Creative drama classes that are held Saturday mornings during Primary School Term Time at the Karori Recreation Centre.

Creative lessons and activities are carefully devised to best meet the needs and interests of children. Children will be challenged to extend themselves as creative thinkers, learners and performers as they explore the elements, techniques and conventions of drama.

Enrolments can be made here or by contacting us by phone or email. We're more than happy to discuss your child's needs and answer any questions.

Class Time
School Year
Class size
9am – 9.30am
4+ years

9.45am– 10.35am
5 - 6 years
Yr 1/2
10.45pm 11.45pm
Yr 3/4/5
From 12pm
Speech & Drama
Yr 1+
Yrs 1-8

Key details:

  • Location: Karori Recreation Centre (note this is a change from the Community Centre)
  • Start Date: Sat, 11th Feb- Sat 8th April (9 Week Term)

New! Speech and Drama Classes are coming 

Sunshine Drama is  excited to also be offering some after school and Saturday Speech and Drama sessions in 2017. The after school timetable will be available on the website next week. 
For more information, to enrol or to register your interest in Speech and Drama classes, visit:
* Please note that a parent/guardian needs to stay on the premises for the preschool classes.

5 tips to learn your script lines inside out!

How to know your lines inside out and back to front ready for rehearsal!

The first job is to highlight your characters lines so they are easy to identify.

Then chunk your lines into sections or scenes to make the process more manageable.

Learning lines for your part in a performance requires commitment and dedication to the company or team of actors you are working with.

Here are a few great tips to help you:

1. Verbalising your lines will cement them. Repeat saying lines aloud to yourself. Try looking into a mirror as you speak. Mix up your voice changing your pace, pitch or volume. Speak with different emotions or sing your script. Say lines in different locations, the car and the shower are always good spots!

Practicing a little and often is a good approach. Studies have shown that instead of counting sheep - learning lines before bed leads to optimum recall.

2. Move around as you say your lines. This helps to find a rhythm as you speak and assist with retaining dialogue. Try moving in different ways or at different speeds. Say your lines doing various activities like dancing, tidying up or putting laundry away.

3. Have someone read the line before and after yours so you learn the script sequence and your cues to speak.

4. Write your lines out! Putting pen to paper puts the lines in slow motion enabling you to ponder the plays characters and their dynamics.

5. Make a recording of your script and listen to it! (Depending on script length, either a whole cast recording could be made or you could record yourself reading the script). This also helps you to reflect on how you are delivering your lines.

Becoming confident with your lines enables the rehearsal process to flow with ease, so that full concentration can be focused on extracting the best performance from an actor.