What is Sunshine Drama?

Sunshine Drama offers Creative Drama classes from preschool through to intermediate aged children. Lessons and activities are carefully devised to best meet the needs and interests of children.

Children will be challenged to extend themselves as creative thinkers, learners and performers as they explore the elements, techniques and conventions of drama.

Classes provide students with opportunities to build confident communication skills, along with a healthy self-esteem as they engage in a range of activities in a positive, cooperative and enthusiastic environment that's full of ideas, and fun!

  • Unlock their imaginations and creativity
  • Speak effectively and with expression
  • Think spontaneously outside the square
  • Let their confidence soar to new heights
  • Develop social skills that cross into all areas of life

If you wish to learn more about classes, read our curriculum.

Sunshine Drama video: Our classes in action

We are extremely pleased and proud to present our first ever video to promote Sunshine Drama.

We are proud because in collaboration with filmmaker Hans Weston, our students have helped make it!!

Children had an authentic learning opportunity to work with cameras in action. A huge thanks to all students who were involved in both the filming and voice over work. Thank you for making the filming experience so much fun and sharing your enthusiasm, skills and talent with us!

We sincerely thank Hans for all his efforts in assisting with this production. Han's has recently branched out for commercial work - if you've got an idea he maybe able to help.

Contact Hans at his website.

Little Twinkles - classes for your four year old

Sunshine Drama offers a class just for 4 year olds.

Our 'Little Twinkles' class engages and challenges little imaginations in a fun and creative environment. Together we explore stories and characters through movement, voice and role play.

Classes integrate brain gym activities, phonics, and support children to extend their word knowledge through fun and creative learning experiences.

Teamwork, social skills and developing confidence with self-expression is key to our curriculum.

Little Twinkles runs Saturday mornings 9am during term time. To discuss our classes or to arrange a free trial session please contact Jenae on 0274 380 533.