What is Sunshine Drama?

Sunshine Drama offers Creative Drama classes from preschool through to teenagers. Lessons and activities are carefully devised to best meet the needs and interests of children.

Children will be challenged to extend themselves as creative thinkers, learners, and performers as they explore the elements, techniques and conventions of drama.

Classes provide students with opportunities to build confident communication skills, along with a healthy self-esteem as they engage in a range of activities in a positive, cooperative and enthusiastic environment that's full of ideas, and fun!

Through a range of activities, challenges, and games, classes enable students to:

  • Unlock their imaginations and creativity
  • Speak effectively and with expression
  • Think spontaneously outside the square
  • Let their confidence soar to new heights
  • Develop social skills that cross into all areas of life

If you wish to learn more about classes, read our curriculum.

Circus Fun!

creative role play - sunshine drama

On Saturday we created some Circus Acts.

I present the amazing Pikachu/Juggling Skeleton, the Super Star Mouse who could balance bean bags on her back and the Clever Cat whose talent was to stand on one paw and balance magical bean bags on her head!

This was a creative role play activity.

After teacher modeling, students were asked to come up with their own costume using our sunglasses collection and animal headbands.  We discussed how our animals would move and how they might sound. Children then moved onto mastering their circus skill using bean bags.

We then had a circus performance to showcase these amazing creatures!

Exploring character through having the choice of dress up, gave students a basis to develop their character.

Concepts around stage movement were explored, along with speaking effectively on stage. We continue to master our stage bows to thank the audience for their appreciation!

Students enjoyed the challenge and had a lot of fun developing their characters circus skill!

10 Great Collaborative Games to start the Term in your Classroom

collabprative games for the classroom

10 Great Collaborative Games to start the term in your Classroom

Teamwork is an essential part of drama and performance.

It fosters how we communicate ideas, listen to others and problem solving.

Team work grows leadership and thinking skills. It teaches children to be reflective and to celebrate the successes of their combined commitment to a given task.

Sharing our individual talents in a group setting is an important skill that students will carry with them through all areas of life.

Here are some of our favourite, team building activities /challenges (in no particular order) that my students love to do!

1. Alphabet

Put children into groups of 4-6. Have them write all letters of the alphabet on cards (or provide laminated alphabet cards ready to go).

Share the cards out evenly.

The teacher calls a word.

The group must arrange themselves in the correct letter order to spell the word (add in double ups of  letters if you wish for more challenging words).

In drama - we also turn our bodies into the letters shape :)

2. Light House Keeper and Boat

In a large space, ask children to crouch down and form rocks scattered around the space.

The student who is blindfolded at the back of the space is 'The Boat'.  The Boat is guided around the rocks by the "Lighthouse Keeper' who is at the front of the space.

In drama - we get the rocks to make interesting shapes and sound effects. Sometimes the rocks are also allowed to move around the space on the Light Keepers command to add an extra challenge!

3. Newspaper Characters

Put students into groups of 3.

Give groups a set amount of newspaper and sellotape (you can limit this to make it more of a challenge).

Provide some character guidelines if you wish. Eg: fisherman, Olympic kayaker or maybe some familiar story characters.

Students are to choose one person to be the model and the other two students are the fashion designers and have to create an outfit in the time provided.

In Drama we then create improvised scenes involving the character. I provide extra costumes for the other members of the group.

4. Hula Hoop

Everyone stands in a large circle holding hands (or two or three smaller circles depending on numbers).

Have two people break hands and put their hands through a hula hoop and rejoin hands again.

The hoop must be then passed around the circle without the hands breaking.

You can time how longs it takes and try and beat the time, or try using two hoops traveling at the same time!

In Drama we cheer each other along using different character voices or turn it into an emotional circle, Eg when you have the hoop show the emotion of happiness.

5. Farm Animals (Fun Chaos!)

Have students spread out in the teaching space.

Students need to close their eyes. (I suggest playing it first with eyes open so children get the hang of it).

The teacher goes around and assigns each child farm animals (sheep, cow pig, chicken, horse).
On the teachers signal, students must crawl around making their given animal noise and find the other members of their group.

In drama excellent sound effects and movement is a must! It's an activity that fosters listening and concentration.

6. The Great Divide

Mark out a start area and a finish line (lines on a netball court are good!)

Put students into groups of 5 or 6. Students must form a line with their group members, standing side by side with their feet touching.

The aim is to cross a designated space together without anyone's feet losing contact.

Once mastered - try it as a whole class.

In drama this is a great exercise in communication and focus!

7. Human Bingo

Have a go at our Drama Human Bingo! Download the page here.

Our Drama focus here is mime and movement, communication and creative fun!

8. Tied up in Knots

The classic circle challenge!

Students stand in a circle and all put their hands in the middle, grabbing hands with someone (that is not on either side of them).

The circle then needs to 'un-knot' without letting go of any hands.

This activity supports many drama skills including listening to and the following of offers (direction) to unravel the circle!

9. Crossing the River

An oldie but a goody!

Establish a starting line (We call it 'Crooked Tree Island':) and a finish line ('Crocodile Cove'!)

In groups, students must all make it across the crocodile and piranha filled waters using only three mats or hoops. Students must be in the hoops or mats at all times.

If someone steps out - the group must start again!

In drama, we focus on the roleplay element of this activity, sometimes assigning characters traits to participants, or having one group go at a time and the rest of the class being the distracting sea life!

10. Quiet!! The Dragon is Asleep!

Firstly, set the scene for students. Choose one student to be 'Fiery the dragon' who pretends to be asleep (and then wake up).

When the dragon wakes up he plans to breathe fire on the village!

The only way to stop him is for the villagers to line up in order of height - without talking before the dragon wakes!

When everyone is in order, the students standing in line yell 'Boo'!, waking the poor frightened dragon who flies away (the dragon can add in some improvised dialogue here about he/she is feeling).

Other lining up instructions can be:

  • Age (pending if its a mixed age group)
  • Street address number (older students)
  • Alphabetical order based on first name
  • Birthday (month or day)
  • How much you like... chocolate etc
Have fun with these activities and I wish you all a sunny 2019 school year!