Calling all Countdown Card Collectors!!!

How to use Countdown Collector Cards in Drama

I am a self confessed Countdown Card collector. I have exchanged many 'I still need...'texts (text recipients you know who you are - I'm not alone), filed and organised, swapped and posted cards and been really nice to check out operators in the hopes they might slide an extra few cards my way! That sense of achievement as I slid the 'last' card into the pocket - so satisfying (I clearly need to get out more!).

With completed albums (out of the reach of little hands), there is still the excess that are regularly strewn around our lounge room floor with the accompanying paraphernalia - projectors, stickers, animal making sound machines and the like.

So here are some suggestions of ways to use these precious little rectangles in other creative and productive ways to engage your children or students!


There are endless possibilities in using the cards through drama lessons. Here are a few...


Mime/act out an animal/character using the Super Animal Cards. Have a helper who draws a card from a hat and gives the instruction. Let's swim like crocodiles #130 ... climb trees like pandas #120 ... hop like a rain frog #146. With older kids the questions and did you know facts can also be incorporated - pounce on your prey like a maned wolf #140... Great for language, knowledge, creative thinking and movement!


Create improvisations/scenes about the animal/character on the Super Animal Cards or Dominoes. Either let the children come up with their own ideas with the card just as a visual starting point, or provide a written starter. For example, using the dominoes Jessie from Toy Story and Nemo from Finding Nemo, the following scenario could be devised: Some cowgirls and cowboys decide to go swimming and meet some fish that they didn't expect to talk! An awesome team task, whereby you can choose any number of drama teaching points, such as use of space, voice projection, story development.

Who am I

This is a fun guessing game, a card gets placed on someones back or forehead, they do not know what is written on it and have to guess by asking closed questions. For example Mickey Mouse from the Disney cards .... Am I a human? Am I an animal? Am I a boy? What size am I? Do I have a tail?

This game is great for building a character, forming questions and quick thinking.

Click this link for a fuller description of how to play 'Who am I?'.


What I like about the game Charades, is that that can be enjoyed by young and old alike. Charades is word guessing game where by the performer mimes (no speaking) out a word, action or a phrase. Use the Countdown Cards as inspiration for what needs to be acted out. Draw them out of a hat.

Party Quirks / Come to the Party

This is one of my favourite Theatre Sports games. It starts with a party host who sets the scene of the party. There is a knock at the door and the host lets the player in, who arrives as the character on the given card Eg: Plain Zebra. The hosts job is to try and guess the players character - the player cannot say Hi I am a Zebra and must convince the host through movement and conversation. Other guests arrive ....You could have Violet from the Incredibles, Alex from Madagascar  and Olaf from Frozen. As the host guesses correctly - the player makes and excuse and then leaves the scene, until just the host is left to tidy up his party.

Classic card games

Make your left over cards into a pack of cards and check out the following links:

Go Fish

Crafts / Fine Motor Skills

Snip away! Cut those pesky yet lovable little cards up! Great rainy day activities! And an excellent way to wear down your oversupply :)

Create and make:
  • Collage
  • Scenes
  • Dioramas
  • Board Games
  • Postcards
  • Cards and Gift tags


Story Telling

So much potential to incorporate the cards into verbal or written story telling. You could give a group a Domino, Super Animal and Dreamworks Hero card and get them to develop a story. Great for use with narratives writing and character building.

Show, Don't Tell

Using the Cards or Dominoes for descriptive writing would suit the Show don't tell method. The highlight provide a good Power Point with examples plus a lesson plan classroom teachers :) Choose a Domino such as Carl from the movie Up to describe in detail.

Puppet Shows

Need I say more! Attach the cards to popsicle sticks with some glue or cellotape and off you go!


There's so much scope for further inquiry to learn more about amazing animals or Disney and Dream Works Cinema History using the card or domino of interest to a student as a starting point.



The dominoes could be used in all sorts of fabulous ways but using them as patterns is one of the simplest things to do with little people. Nemo, Nemo Mack, Buzz. Nemo, Nemo, Mack, Buzz!

Board Games

Kids can cut the cards up and make their own version of Snakes and Ladders.

Numeracy Project

Great opportunity for working on part-whole strategies using the numbers on the cards. #170 Northern Night Monkey's decided to throw a party for their friends the Racoons #134. How many did they need to cater for? :)

You can also cut them up to make visual number stories. 3 meerkats's, plus 5 african elephants equals? ( Great way to use lots of double ups!)

Team building / Group work Transitions

Build a Tower

In groups distribute a set number of the Super Animals cards and a pair of scissors. The challenge to is build the tallest tower within a set time frame.

Newspaper Outfit

Using a set amount of newspaper and cellotape, students need to make the costume of the Disney Movie Star on their card. The other groups can guess the costume and a fashion parade can be had!

Groups and Lines

Without speaking, get into groups with the people who have the same card as you. Line up in numerical order without speaking. A useful tool when grouping children for group work. Find all of the other Herbivores etc!


Cards could be stuck onto a Twister mat to make left foot orange more challenging. Left foot White nosed Saki #180 - can you reach?

So before you can't stand the sight of them any longer and they make their way to the recycling bin, put them though their paces and and see how many interesting and creative ways you can put them to use. Before you know it, the next collection will be littering your lounge!