Our School Holiday Drama Class Poems

Our School Holiday Drama Class Poems

Thanks to all the children and families who attended Sunshine Drama's School Holiday Creative Drama Classes last week.

Wibbly Wobbly Jungle Bridge

The preschoolers and I had a great time on our jungle safari. We explored role play moving as different animals and making their sounds through the jungle, challenging our coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

Together we drew on our prior knowledge and imagined what the jungle looks like.

We carefully navigated trees, streams and wobbly bridges! Towards the end of the session we rested under the letter A apple tree. We picked delicious apples working on crossing the mid-line and we wrote the letter A using our lions whiskers, elephant trunks and tigers paws!

Scrambled Snake

In the Scrambled Snake session we all took on the role of Private Eye Monster Spotters. The Butterfly from the forest called the office to tell us she had sighted The Gruffalo!

Fortunately she then flew down to the office to make an official statement. We explored, telephone conversational skills, hot seating and devising open ended questions using the W's and H as prompts.

Next we carefully packed our bags (mime) and set off on our quest to hunt for the Gruffalo.

After some trekking over varied terrain and portraying a few animals along the way, we finally found him!

We made Gruffalo freeze frames following the description from the story and revisited hot seating this time to gain some insight into the Gruffalo himself - who was indeed very friendly and just wanted to join us for lunch!

Twist a Poem 

Our 'Twist a Poem' class explored three contrasting poems. With Spaghetti By Pauline Cartright, students created an improvised scene whereby a spaghetti cooking disaster occurred in the kitchen!

We work-shopped the scene to build dialogue between the characters. Following on, we used a spatula (from the cooking!), to introduce the quick thinking Theatre Sports game 'Many uses of an object'.

We then created some frozen images based on Rachel Lyman-Fields poem, I'd Like to be a Lighthouse.

Adding spoken thoughts to each still image. From there the students devised and presented a short script centred around a problem on board the ship.

Lastly, it was onto an all time favourite poem - Daddy Fell into the Pond by Alfred Noyes. We played Freeze Frame Camera, and collated descriptive language based on the natural resources found in the garden from the poem.

Learning Intentions

Although the learning intentions for each session were different to meet the needs of each age group, there were two applicable to all classes.

We are learning to:
  • Develop our quick thinking skills
  • Confidently share our creative ideas with others.
In all classes, we used some natural resources (rocks, pine cones, leaves and twigs) as a stimulus to share descriptive language. We talked about what the resources, felt, looked and sounded like.

The children provided some great descriptive language which I have collated into poems (see below) for all to enjoy.

Well done authors, you should be very proud of your  thoughtful responses! You did a fantastic job!

Wibbly Wobbly Jungle Bridge (Preschool)

Jungle Explorers

Smooth, cold rocks,
crunchy leaves,
big twigs and bumpy pine cones.

 Scrambled Snake (Years 1-4)

The Forest

Hard, smooth, wobbly rocks, it feels rough... watch it roll - thump!
Pine cones are bumpy and lumpy and long tree twigs snap!
Soft, squashy, crunchy and rustly winter leaves!

Twist a Poem  (Years 5-8)

Winter Leaves

Light, but rough like sandpaper
Crinkly, rustling
Feels like paper.
Crunchy, flakey
Coiled and springy.


Thump on the ground
Like a loud shouting human.
Heavy and round,
Rough and tough.

Tree Twigs

Sharp, pokey
like broken bones.
Flaking twigs sound like ripping trousers