Drama games and activities to help celebrate the Olympics Rio 2016

Drama games and activities to help celebrate the Olympics Rio 2016 

The Olympics kick off in Rio on the 6th of August. Here are some great drama games and activities to support drama or classroom teachers, or fun ideas for lounge room drama at home!


1. Olympics Charades

 Students to mime out different sports. You could use the Pictograms for Rio. You can do this as a whole class or in groups.

2. Pass the Sports Gear Present

You are having a send off party for Olympic athletes. Sitting in a circle, a student takes a present (size and shape, determined by the way that they carry it) to another student and puts it in front of them. They then open it and mime what is in the 'package'. The rest of the group guesses which piece of sports gear was in the parcel.

3. Medal Ceremonies / At the Finish Line

Create mimes depicting these glorious moments of victory. In groups of 4, have the medal winners walk in and receive their medals and wreaths from the presenter, sing the anthem and then congratulate each other.  Or capture that moment the cyclists or marathon runners cross that finish line!

You could use these medal templates for props!


Add in Freeze frames and thought tracking to build character.


Create mimed scenes or improvisations based around 'Drama at the Podium'... what could go wrong?


4. What are you Doing? - Olympic Style!

Student begins improvising a scene eg, practicing kicking winning goals.  A student enters the scene and asks "What are you doing?" The student kicking the ball replies with a completely different sport or related activity "I'm warming up for the 100m final". and the game continues...

5. Live - Three News

Two students are the sports experts and another the reporter. The reporter is interviewing the experts about a new sport debuting at the Rio Olympics, one that is completely made up, either by the children or offered by the audience/teacher/parent. The reporter asks question relating to the sport such as rules, the training involved. Then the experts can demonstrate the sport  - like we are watching footage on TV.

For fun someone could have a pretend remote control - add in fast forward, rewind instant replay and slow motion. (*Younger children could create mime's of different sports and apply the use of the remote control! Click here for Zany Sports Ideas!

6. Let the Games Begin ( for older students)

The Opening Ceremony is all about all the countries coming together and for the hosting country to share their culture and history. Group children into four or five.  Provide a written snippet about the countries history. The groups must then prepare a short presentation through movement, dance, dramatic reading to share their piece of history.

7. The Chores

Imagine that vacuuming the lounge was an Olympic sport! In groups of four, 2 performers are the athletes and two are the sports commentators. The athletes dramatically participate in the race to complete the challenge whilst the announcers provide the running commentary.

Some ideas for comment include:

  • The athletes race itself from warm up to finish
  • The history of the game
  • Who the reigning champions are
  • Sport skill required
  • Training involved
  • What they need to eat to be fit and healthy for this sport
  • The athletes younger days - how they got started in the sport
  • Previous set backs, wins and successes!

Again add in slow motion fast forward for fun!

8. Gibberish Meeting

Scene: the Olympic Village Cafeteria. Three players. One speaks English, they other is non English Speaking (in this case gibberish) and an interpreter/friend. The scene starts with all three eating lunch.

The English speaker says to the non English speaker: "can you please pass the salt." The translator jumps in with "(name) doesn't speak English and the scene continues with the conversation between the two and the translator - well translating! (Could also play this game as a sports interview or as podium conversations).

9. Sport Star Profile

Provide or ask for an unusual sport. - Eg: Tight rope walking. Two players. One narrates TV interview style and the other listens and acts/mimes out what the narrator is saying. A visual card prompt could be used depending on the age of the children. *See 6. The Chores for interview prompt inspiration!

10. Olympic Location and Situation.

In groups of four, children can create interesting scenes, based on the location and situation/problem provided. The players need to build characters, story line working through the motions of resolving the scenes problem.

You could replay scenes calling freeze and having another member of the group take the place of a student to change the scenes direction (a quirk could also be added Eg; can't stop dancing, does star jumps etc...

11. Your Stories, your Sports

Group of 4-5 students. Groups to select a story they all know. Such as Little Red Riding Hood. Decide on a related sport (can be as zany or unsporty as you like) e.g. a  tree chopping contest.

One player is the competition host, introducing the competitors, getting them organised and narrating the race, and presenting the winner with the prize.

And action!

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