Curious about drama classes for your child?

Come for a free lesson at Sunshine Drama

Sunshine Drama offers creative drama classes for preschoolers to Year Eight.

Classes enable students to explore creative thinking, build confidence and become effective communicators and performers.

Our term four season starts in late July at the Karori Recreation Centre and you are welcome to come along with your child to experience a lesson with Jenae Ryan and Sunshine Drama at no cost to you.

Here's what makes Sunshine Drama so sunny!

  • Grow in confidence and self-esteem
  • Opportunity to let the imaginative thinking flow
  • Extension of listening skills
  • Develop effective speaking and performance skills 
  • Participating in fun and engaging drama games 
  • Experience performing in front of an audience
  • Form new friendships outside of school
  • Let children explore their 'inner creative monkey!'

try a drama class for freeTo join us for a free / no obligation ‘check us out' lesson please contact Jenae Ryan on 0274 380 533 or at

If you do decide to enrol your child, fees will be charged on a pro-rata basis for the remainder of the term. 

5 fun, economical & creative school holiday activities in Wellington!

5 fun, economical & creative school holiday activities ideas for July in Wellington!

School holidays are just around the corner. Check out some of these great activities happening around the capital this July!

New Zealand Police Museum - Police Dog Puppets

Description: “Make a police dog finger puppet in this creative and fun craft workshop for our youngest recruits. Each child takes home their own puppet. (Note: young children will require the assistance of a caregiver to complete their puppet).”

Location: Papakowhai Rd, Papakowhai, Porirua - Mana, Wellington

Dates: Monday 10 July 2017 – Friday 14 July 2017 2:00pm – 2:45pm

Age: 5+

Cost: Child Ticket $5.00

Bookings: Essential

Contact: NZ Police Museum (04) 238 3141

10 benefits your child may get from taking creative drama lessons

Kids doing creative drama

10 benefits your child may get from taking creative drama lessons with Sunshine Drama

If you’ve found this page, chances are you're looking to convince yourself why you should send your child to drama lessons. Frankly if you’ve got this far, just send them! Send them to Sunshine Drama!

But if you need to know some of the benefits that your child may gain from taking classes, have a read below.
  1. Accomplishing role play, movement, mime, improvisation, team work and using props imaginatively etc, provides fun and meaningful learning experiences that lead to students feeling confident, happy with a strong sense of self esteem.
  2. Children will learn to think on their feet. Or head, depending on the exercise!
  3. Through mime (conveying action, character, or emotion using only gesture, facial expression, and movement), students will develop their non verbal communication skills.
  4. Drama classes provide the opportunity to express their creative energy with out fear of failure in a supportive and positive environment.
  5. Learning by doing is one of the greatest ways to remember something. Learning how to be confident as you become confident  is treasured learning that will stay with a child forever. 
  6. Fast motion. Stop motion. Slow motion. Kids will learn how to change their gears mid moment, honing their ability to listen and follow instructions. 
  7. If there’s one fear adults often have, it’s speaking in public in front of an audience. Creative drama helps children with learning to use their voice effectively and speak and perform in front of their peers. As students do this more regularly, the more confident they will become. 
  8. Who doesn’t love dressing up?
  9. A child’s imagination knows no bounds. They will learn to create the most complex characters from different ideas, scene or props. Through a fun, playful environment, the true creative level of a child will come out. 
  10. Carpe Diem has almost become a clich├ęd saying, but seizing the day and moment is what drama is all about. Letting children have their own moments of self-discovery and growth as they share the fun and joy that drama brings is truly a special gift.