Circus Fun!

creative role play - sunshine drama

On Saturday we created some Circus Acts.

I present the amazing Pikachu/Juggling Skeleton, the Super Star Mouse who could balance bean bags on her back and the Clever Cat whose talent was to stand on one paw and balance magical bean bags on her head!

This was a creative role play activity.

After teacher modeling, students were asked to come up with their own costume using our sunglasses collection and animal headbands.  We discussed how our animals would move and how they might sound. Children then moved onto mastering their circus skill using bean bags.

We then had a circus performance to showcase these amazing creatures!

Exploring character through having the choice of dress up, gave students a basis to develop their character.

Concepts around stage movement were explored, along with speaking effectively on stage. We continue to master our stage bows to thank the audience for their appreciation!

Students enjoyed the challenge and had a lot of fun developing their characters circus skill!